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METTAWELL is inspired by Metta,

an ancient Pali (Buddhist) term often translated to mean loving kindness, benevolence, non-violence, and goodwill.  

Metta is a heartfelt aspiration for the happiness of all beings, acknowledging

that while happiness can be influenced by many things, it must be cultivated from within.

Our approach is inspired by the principle that loving kindness and compassion

are pillars for positive change in the world.  

When loving ourselves, we have more love to give others, our close ones,                       

communities near and far, future generations...  and vice-versa.  

Like a mirror reflection, self-care and care for our world are one and the same.

The benefits of loving kindness and compassion, both tender and fierce, are truly immeasurable, reverberating beyond like ripples in a pond.

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METTAWELL was founded in 2020 by Leslie Merriman, Ph.D.   Dr. Merriman is a clinical and counseling psychologist based in Colorado.  The inspiration for METTAWELL grew out of her doctoral research on the subject of compassion, and special experience in contemplative training and practice.  Since then she has provided psychotherapy, wellness groups, neuropsychological testing and assessment, compassion training workshops, and graduate supervision for doctoral students in counseling psychology.  She also teaches yoga, dance, and co-directs Church of Beethoven NoCo,      a non-profit organization that nurtures community via live classical music and spoken word art.  Through METTAWELL, she hopes to instill the value and joy of healing and compassion...                    from one to community and beyond. 

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